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 Digital Recording

The Liberty Interview Recorder is a standard Windows PC based digital recording solution that digitally captures interview audio and video, creating a single digital file. After a recording is complete, the file can be moved to the client's network, a CD, a DVD, or any other PC-compatible storage media for review, distribution, or storage. 

The Liberty Interview Recorder is designed to replace antiquated VHS machines, tape decks, and DVD recording devices still used in some interview rooms. 

The Liberty Interview Recorder application is designed for ease of use and reliability. Simple tape recorder style controls and icon buttons are used for basic recording operations such as Record, Pause, and Stop. The Liberty Interview Recorder is the ideal solution for interview rooms that require a simple system that can be used without the need for specialized training or support.

The solution even allows the user to establish "cue points" or "point-in-time" bookmarks within the recording file.  These bookmarks may be created in real-time, as the session is recorded, or after the session is complete.  The bookmarks allow users to instantaneously jump to any of the established bookmark points within the file. There is no need to rewind.

HighlightsLiberty Interview Recorder

  • Video recordings include integrated note taking facility with bookmark cue points
  • Every video frame is encoded with a time and date stamp.
  • Instant re-cue for playback; no more waiting for fast forward/rewind functions.
  • Redundant copy may be written to secondary media including CD/DVD, memory stick, flash card, network drive, or USB drive.
  • Integrated text search and retrieval.

Liberty Interview Recorder Features:

  • A comprehensive display of recorded audio and video provided in real-time, as the interview is recorded.
  • Support for multiple discrete audio channels to allow for multiple microphones and eliminate talk-over.
  • Integrated note taking with a standard keyboard support.
  • Network Ready! Recordings may be saved simultaneously and automatically to a network file server.
  • A network file server configuration also allows authorized remote staff to monitor the recording and the associated notes.
  • Audio, video and associated notes are all saved into a single file, consolidating all of the data into one file.
  • Complimentary playback application for transcription.PDF Sample: Click image for larger view
  • The ability to superimpose a time and a date stamp and a label such as "Police Interview Room A" onto the video of a recording.
  • The ability to create single or multiple DVDs of an interview.
  • Audio/Video recordings may be saved into standard .pdf documents.



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