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 Digital Recording

Still using cassette tape recorders or first generation digital recording products to record you meetings?

Our Liberty software based JCG Digital Meeting Recorder solution is designed as a replacement for antiquated analog cassette tape based recording systems.

Designed with input from clerks and recorders, the JCG Digital Meeting Recording solution provides crystal clear audio/video which can be easily stored, searched, and distributed. 

Instead of using cassette tape recorders, the JCG Digital Meeting Recorder Click Here For Larger Imagesolution software records meeting audio to the PC’s hard drive.  After a recording is complete, the file can be moved to the client’s network, a CD, a DVD, or any other PC-compatible storage media. 

The JCG Digital Meeting Recorder solution not only digitally records your meetings, it:

  • Includes an integrated minutes application which simplifies the process of creating your meeting minutes.  Use your existing Microsoft™ Word™ based agenda or minutes template and easily take free form notes, roll calls, motions, seconds and votes, all within Word™.  
  • Enables you to easily post your completed/approved minutes to your web site.
  • High quality audio recording for accurate transcription, audio review and minutes preparation.
  • Links your meeting audio (and video) to your completed minutes.  The public can view your minutes on your web site and, by simply clicking on the minutes item, listen to, (or view if you record video) the meeting using the industry standard Microsoft™ Windows Media Player™.

Think about it:

  • No more scratchy poor quality recordings
  • No more buying and storing tapes
  • No more searching for, spinning through, and copying tapes
  • No more debates as to what was said
  • Simplify your minutes process
  • Provide better citizen access to your meetings and minutes

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Liberty Meeting Recorder Toolbar


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