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 Agenda Automation

Think about the process today for creating and distributing agendas for upcoming meetings. Without exception it is labor intensive, consumes reams of paper, and most importantly, it is typically terribly inefficient. Distribution of the agenda packets is usually an administrative nightmare. The question is how can organizations leverage the power of the Internet without a major investment of time or money?

JCG has partnered with Destiny Software to provide the answer, AgendaQuick. AgendaQuick offers a new approach to Agenda and Meeting Management. No complicated software, no large up-front costs and endless training sessions. No more wondering whether the staff understands, or can even use the system.

Agenda Automation is not just about paperless copies, but improving the entire meeting process by saving time, reducing costs, and making everyone's job easier.

AgendaQuick makes this happen with the most budget-friendly pricing available.







No Servers. No Licenses. No Problems.

The AgendaQuick Cloud puts everything in one place for immediate access. No servers, software licenses, or complicated setup for IT. All you need is a standard web browser and all information is available real time.

Agenda Automation is not only possible, it's easy and affordable.



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